1 – What does Saferent do?

Saferent is a company specialized in the management and monetization of properties through local accommodation. We help owners to increase their income with local accommodation, through the daily management of operations: announcements and disclosure, optimization of prices and parameters, management and monitoring of reservations, 24/7 guest service, cleaning, and laundry coordination, and maintenance of the property. We take care of everything!


2 – Where does Saferent operate?

Currently, Saferent operates in Portugal, with emphasis on Porto, Lisbon, and Algarve.


3 – On which platforms does Saferent advertise my properties?

By implementing a multichannel strategy, Saferent is able to advertise all properties on several channels simultaneously: Airbnb and Booking. Our advertising strategy also includes direct and offline channels. We have a team dedicated to the management of the platforms, which monitors all the reserves of the properties, using specialized technology that guarantees that there will be no overlap of reserves on the different platforms.


4 – Do you work with real estate investors?

Yes, Saferent is an expert in this area. Are you an investor with more than 5 properties to profit from local accommodation? We have a team with experience in financial consulting and management prepared to support and generate attractive returns for real estate investors. Contact us and discover our special offer for investors: more competitive margins, a dedicated account manager, and exclusive marketing opportunities.


5 – As an owner what do I need to provide to get started ?

You just need to contact us and give us access to your property. Saferent schedules a visit to the apartment, to evaluate your property and define all the needs and rules together.


6 – What amenities and equipment should my property have to practice local accommodation ?

These are some of the basic items that Saferent recommends:

– Basic services: gas, water, and electricity
– Pillows, duvet, mattress protector, curtains, lamps, cabinets, hangers
– Toaster, kettle, microwave, coffee machine, dustbin, basic condiments for cooking, cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, cloths, pots, hairdryer, toilet brush, iron, and ironing board
– Wi-fi and TV

If you don’t have all the equipment mentioned, talk to us! Saferent will make sure that your property is properly equipped: we can buy all the material you need and charge it later.


7 – How long does my home need to be available to qualify for your services ?

We ask for a minimum of 3 months of availability throughout the year, with a preference for as many consecutive weeks as possible in order to maximize profitability and positive reviews.


8 – My house is not furnished Can Saferent help ?

Yes, we work with companies specialized in interior design, experts in the field of hospitality, able to provide the best comfort to their guests and increase their income. Contact us to get more information about your services, prices and get to know your work.


9 – How quickly does my property get online ?

On average, Saferent is able to place new properties on the market in one week. As soon as all the legal requirements for the property are in order and the photoshoot for your property has taken place, which can take up to 72 hours for the photographer to edit and send us the final photographs, ads of your property are created that will be online in less 24h on Airbnb and Booking. For other channels, such as TripAdvisor and HomeAway, ads may take 24-48 hours to get approved.


10 – Can I change my ad settings ?

Your ad settings are controlled internally by our team, but Saferent will always prioritize all your requirements and find the best way to meet them. We guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our owners!


11 – What is included in your cleaning service ?

Our professional cleaning and laundry team takes care of everything! For each reservation, we guarantee the cleaning and preparation of the apartment for new guests with fresh towels and sheets – 100% cotton and made in Portugal – and also the replacement of amenities such as toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel, tea, coffee, sugar, etc.


12 – Do you accept reservations for the same day?

Yes, we have developed a strategy with high flexibility in our operations, which ensures that we are able to respond to all reservations for the same day, always maintaining our high standards of guest satisfaction.


13 – Do I need to use my property – how do I temporarily block specific dates?

You can make reservations for your property through your Owner Account on our platform. Once you make the reservation, your calendar will update your property’s ads on all channels and the nights will be blocked for guests. Get in touch with our team and just make sure that you tell us your decision with advance notice and that your property has enough nights for your guests. Prior to your arrival, Saferent will ensure that your property is fully prepared to receive you.


14 – What happens to my current reservations if I decide to change my local accommodation management company to work with Saferent?

Saferent will be happy to manage reservations for existing guests as well as all communication with them, as long as we are granted full access to their property in due time. Once you sign a contract with Saferent, all existing and future reservations will be managed according to our management terms. Get in touch with us and our team will answer any questions you may have!



Payments and Prices


1 – How much does Saferent’s local accommodation service cost?

Saferent offers 2 options to earn income from your property:

Percentage service fee: we receive a commission for our services that starts at 10%. Service fees are agreed with each owner individually, depending on the service package you want. This fee is charged per night booked, minus the channel commission and cleaning and laundry services – these are charged in the booking fees to your guests.

Fixed income: we study the market and the value of your property in order to offer you a fixed income per month according to the potential of your property. Saferent manages its property with the same business model as the local accommodation but agrees to a fixed amount that will be paid monthly – regardless of the amounts generated through the local accommodation.


2 – Do I have to pay an entry/entry fee to start?

No, Saferent does not charge an entry/entry fee to start. We work from a commission-only perspective, which means that you only pay for our services when you earn income from reservations made on your property.


3 – How do I track my income?

You can track your reservations, calendar, and income through your owner account on Saferent’s online platform. This platform is updated in real-time and offers you a global and detailed view of your property and its income.


4 – When do I get paid?

All payments are processed on the 10th of each month.


5 – Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs for which an owner may be responsible may include, but are not limited to:
– Cleaning and laundry services after an owner use his apartment;
– Maintenance work on your property carried out by our employees or subcontractors, as well as the delivery of items requested by your guests during their stay;
– Payments charged by subcontracted maintenance companies and their coordination fees.


6 – How can I earn more from my property leased by Saferent services?

We constantly monitor the market and optimize the marketing mix for each property to obtain the highest occupancy/price ratio. We have developed a dynamic pricing strategy that reflects factors such as city occupancy rates, market trends, property location, prices charged by the competition, and much more! Our team of hospitality experts manages their pricing strategy on a daily basis to ensure that expected occupancy and profitability rates are maximized throughout the year.




Safety and Regulation


1 – What measures are taken to ensure the security of my property?

Our in-house guest communication team examines each guest’s profile before confirming their reservation and asks all guests for official identification prior to their arrival. If we believe that a potential guest may not be suitable for your property, we will contact you.


2 – What happens if guests damage my property?

Our cleaning team is trained to identify any signs of obvious or substantial damage to your property, and to alert our guest communication team of their problems, who will immediately contact the guests to collect payment for the costs of damage caused. However, we always warn our owners that property is expected to wear out and we encourage them to look for insurance options for local accommodation. Saferent can help you find the option that best suits you!


3 – What personal effects can I leave on my property?

For security reasons, we always recommend that objects of high monetary or sentimental value be removed from your property. However, you can leave some personal belongings on your property protected from guest access. Just make sure you provide enough space for your guests to store their belongings.


4 – What certificates do I need to start hosting with Saferent?

Saferent will help you to obtain the necessary legal certificate to start the activity of local accommodation on your property. In addition, your property is expected to comply with all local health and safety regulations. Before starting the activity, we recommend that you contact your gas and electricity supplier to carry out an inspection and make sure that you guarantee all safety measures.


5 – Can I leave pets on my property?

No, Saferent is not able to take responsibility for the welfare of its animals, so we do not allow owners to leave pets in their homes.


6 – Is there any legislation applied to local accommodation?

Local accommodation in Portugal is subject to laws and regulations that oblige the owner to comply with tax, safety and hygiene requirements. A new law was recently published in the Diário da República, effective from October 21, 2018. For more information, please consult Decree-Law: no. 128/2014, no. 63/2015 and no. 62/2018, or contact our team.

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